Lowrider V2 for sale - Toronto Ontario Canada

I’m moving and didn’t have time to finish the project. Hoping someone else can take it to finish and enjoy! Selling my assembled and calibrated Lowrider 2. Great for a tinkerer who would like to finish the router/laser aspect. The usable area is [3ft x 4ft] but can be modified to fit your needs. Custom working end stop mounts! Works and crown tested. Looking for someone who can pick up locally in Mississauga, ON, Canada - comes with the whole table top (not base) but you can put it on your own base when you get home. I followed [Teaching Tech’s] specifications for this lowrider (search lowrider cnc on youtube and his videos will pop up). We’re moving and didn’t have time to finish the project!! Hoping someone else can take it to finish and enjoy! Willing to let it go for $700 CAD. Let me know if you are interested.


  • V1 Engineering Lowrider Kit - shipped from US to Canada & paid duties
  • Flat Parts: completed and assembled
  • LCD Touchscreen: MKS TFT28 v4.0 Display Touch Screen
  • LCD mount: 3D printed (needs some tinkering to fit nicely, haven’t gotten to it)
  • Aluminum bracket: included. wires are secured via velcro ties
  • RAMPS Control Board: BIGTREETECH 3D Printer Part SKR V1.3 32bit
  • Stepper Motors: TMC5160 stepper motor drivers
  • End Stops: End Stop Limit Switch + Cable for CNC 3D Printer RAMPS
  • Steel Rods: stainless steel 1in. Diameter, 0.65in thick, [QTY 4] 12.5in long, [QTY 2] 47in long
  • Table Top: 44in x 63in, 1/8in. mdf on top of 3/4in plywood
  • Free: [QTY 1] 100qty ¼-20 x 5/16 zinc plated four prong tee nuts, [QTY 1] downcut ⅛” bit, [QTY 1] downcut 1/16” bit, [QTY 1] downcut 0.032 bit, [QTY 1] CMT orange tools V grooving bit (90 degrees ½”), [QTY 1] ¼” straight edge spiral bit [QTY 1] lee valley tungsten carbide ¼” to ⅛” bit

Not included: router (sorry!)

Let me know if you are interested.


Hi Sydney how are you?
Is the Lowrider still available? I am in Toronto also.
My name is Trevor Hinsley, my mobile is 416 885 2458.
Was looking to buy the kit from V1 engineering, lucky I saw your post, better to buy from you.
Please call any time up to 12pm, thanks

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Hi Trevor, so sorry but I just sold it!! I did not have a chance to edit the post and just saw that you replied to it. It was so fun to build, I hope you still have the opportunity to try. If you get it shipped, you’ll have to pay some duties (I think I paid $52 or something). For the stainless steel rods, go to Mr. Metal on queensway to get yours. The price is SO reasonable. If you need 3d prints, let me know. My brother has a 3d printer.

thanks for letting me know , cheers and good luck in all your endeavours!
I have a 3d printer too, just bought a laser engraver/cutter, awaiting it’s arrival.