Lowrider V2, Printed parts, and high grade SS tubing. Utah but will ship anywhere

Got into this while my wife was pregnant, had a helluva time. Such a fun kit, but we had to tear it down to clear out my workshop for storage.

Great condition. I bought it last year and really only used it for maybe 2 months.

Most of the printed parts are good, but I’d reprint some of them.

I’m happy to ship anywhere.


Do you have an asking price to share? I’d be interested.


DM’d ya

Still available? Could you dm me specifics? I’m in Utah also.

lol i do not have my notification setup, if your still looking, what specifics are you wanting?


I have a daughter in Lake Point, west of SLC. If the price is right, I’d like to get it to her place.

Mike B.

Oh yep sorry, if it’s still available I would just be interested in sizes of tubings and how much you would be looking to get.

Hi there, is your lowrider still available?

Hi. Is it still available ? If so, how much are you asking for it, and what would it cost me to get it shipped to NJ?