Lowrider2 and ESTCAM


at the Moment i have a MPCNC and use it with ESTCAM (CNCshield).
Works perfect for me.

Now, the size of the MPCNC is too small. So, i need a Lowrider2 now
(work surface 1250mm x 2500mm)

Important Question: I see the Board in the BOM is a Mini Rambo. Possible to
controll this Board with ESTCAM (like the MPCNC)?
If not: Other solutions? Or can i use also a CNCshield (Arduino Uno) instead a Mini Rambo?
ESTCAM should definitely be used…

You can use the same cnc shield for the LR. Wire the Z in series and wire the Y in series.



does the shield have any disadvantages compared to the mini-rambo / rambo? or are there other options for direct control with estlcam?

series is right, not parallel?

like this:
schrittmotor serie

Yeah. The drivers are constant current. So they will send the same amount of current through one coil as two. So if you’re driving two motors off of one driver, series is easier on the driver and you get better results. The trade off is that at high speeds, steppers lose torque. Wiring in series makes that ceiling lower, but we mostly mill at low speeds anyway.

can someone tell me the correct basic settings here?

They are normally not used marlin is the firmware of choice here so no need to change them if using GRBL I use universal gcode sender

thx, but marlin is not an option for me.
i ve the CNC Shield here, but i switch now to the Open-CNC-Shield.
Think that this Board is the best option for me.
-> direct control via estlcam
-> auto square
-> remote control (wired or wireless)
-> …

Have fun. I don’t see that board around here, so I don’t think I can help.

its new too.
combination of tillboard and the tillboard-extension board.

hope it works :slight_smile: