Lowrider2 Build

I finished my Lowrider2 build recently and really satisfied with the end result. I started my CNC adventure with a Genmitsu ProVER 3018. I learned a lot about CNC with that little machine and found a new tool for my woodworking arsenal. I was severely limited by it’s size and so I expanded it to a 3040, but I was still looking for something to support home projects I had in mind (furniture, decor, etc).

Thanks to Ryan for making his hard work publicly available to everyone! And thanks to everyone on this forum - I’ve learned so much from this forum and feel it’s a place where people can share freely without fear of being trolled like other social media platforms. I found the directions very straight forward and used Can’t Sit Still’s build video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyuDxpbRedk) for any additional guidance. Ryan shipped everything very fast - thanks for shipping to Hawaii! There are many suppliers online that do not ship to HI. I had a little bit of trouble finding the stainless steel tubes, but found a local supplier that also cut it for me.

I’m in the military which requires regular moves to the far reaches of the world, so I needed a table that was mobile and could adapt to different workspaces. I found LeeHart72’s table build on the forum (LowRider 2 Folding Table). The table is very sturdy and I couldn’t be happier with the result. It folds quickly and be stored in a much smaller space when not in use.

I was able to finish a few projects for my wife before the military took me away for training. Really happy with the results and look forward to continuing my CNC journey once I get home again!

I went with a very straight forward build without any real modifications. I have the mini Rambo control board. I have a Raspberry Pi setup with CNCJS. Are there any mods you all would recommend as I move forward? I was thinking steel side rails for the wheels of the CNC to ride on and a clear acrylic router plate.

Thanks again to everyone for all the support!


Beautiful work

Hi @smbaxter05
Looks great…have at lot of fun

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Nice work!

I like that you went right into a large cut. When folded up do you have something at the bottom to support the LR or does it seem stable?

I had the MPCNC in the cart, but switched it out for the Lowrider2 at the last minute so that I could do larger cuts for furniture. I was able to cut this coffee table on the Lowrider2 in a couple hours out of a scrap project board I had lying around - it’s about 20"x32".

I haven’t added any supports to the Lowrider2 yet to provide stability when it’s folded. When the table is folded the CNC rests on the stainless steel Z tubes. I haven’t kept it folded for very long yet, so I’m not sure of the long term impacts of it being vertical and resting on the Z tubes. The table is very stable though. It’s a 3’x5’ cutting area and the base 30"x36".


That’s a really slick set-up! Kudos.

Nice job on the coffee table, too.

Hope the lowrider holds up well in that “unnatural” position.

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Thanks! So far I’ve only put it in the vertical position to make moving it around the garage a little easier.

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