Lowrider2 CNC (Marlin) stops on the first move command using Repetier Server

My Lowrider2 CNC running the dual endstop Marlin firmware (latest) with Repetier-Server. There are two 2D contour operations drawing a smiley face and a square around it. The console, when Ack is turned on, shows the following:

Send:20:49:36.498: N18125 M75
Send:20:49:36.542: N18126 G90
Send:20:49:36.542: N18127 G21
Send:20:49:36.542: N18128 M84 S0
Send:20:49:36.542: Slow command added:M0 Turn ON 11999RPM
Send:20:49:36.542: N18129 M0 Turn ON 11999RPM
Send:20:49:36.542: M117 2D Contour1
Send:20:49:36.547: N18130 G1 X126.602 Y146.904 Z34.05 F498

The coordinates specified are positive and within CNC machine’s boundaries. The output stops on the first move command without actually moving. The smiley face was created in Fusion 360 and post processed. What am I missing? Thank you.

M0 is stop-and-wait-for-the-user command, so it is waiting for you to press the button on the display attached to your control board. It will only process the M0 when it reaches the front of the queue, so additional commands can be sent and acknowledged before the M0 is executed.

Just to be clear here, I’m thinking you are using Repertier-Host to send commands to Marlin. If you somehow installed Repetier Server on your control board, then you have other issues that need to be addressed.

If you don’t have a display, you will need to figure out how to turn off the generation of the M0. I don’t know your toolpath, so I’m not sure what tool nor what setting or addition is generating the M0.

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More info: I am not using Repetier-Host, only Repetier-Server running on a Raspberry Pi with an attached 7" touch screen display.

I am guessing the M0 is generated in the post processing .cps file. Strangely I don’t recall seeing any message or button on the display or web interface. I will try again and look for it. The behavior of the Pause button is odd on both UIs. One would think after clicking Pause, it would change the label and icon to Play. Maybe that is related to the M0 prompt. I was not even looking for that, so thank you. There is so much I don’t know .

What issues might I have using Repetier-Server? I used the Raspberry Pi image off their web site.

I will attached the gcode, in the event you have time to look. It is an asymmetric smiley face for test purposes to be milled with a 1/8" bit. The only tweak to the generated gcode was to remove the G92, as I was setting that before running the file.

SmileyFace-LL2-Origin.gcode (67.9 KB)

As a side note, I am evaluating Repetier-Server because it supported a touch screen, pre and post job events, GPIO pins, and mobile browsers. I had been using cncjs. However, the packages are really old on cncjs. When building either the main project or the boilerplate plugin, there are a number of package dependency problems I just can’t deal with. As a result, the xtermjs package is really old and that version causes issues with mobile browsers and the gcode terminal. My only issue so far is the Pause button.

@robertbu I double checked the UI. No button. So I asked on the Repetier Forum. I have other issues, but I will start another topic. As a workaround, until I understand how to press-the-M0-button, I commented out the two M0 commands in the gcode file. Thank you again.

If the M0 made it to Marlin, then the rep rap lcd is waiting for a click. If you don’t have a screen, then you can’t continue it. You’ll have to remove the M0.

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The M0 is being generated by whatever CAM software you are using, so I’d look for a setting that disables router prompting.