Lowrider2 movement issues

When starting the print, or even moving the machine to start a workpiece, the steppers will move 10mm at each press, which it is set to, then all of a sudden, they drop down to about 5mm, but still set at 10mm. i’ve found the only way to solve this is to turn the machine on and off again or reflash the board with the firmware. its not happening all the time. I’ve managed a few successful cuts, but recently, i’ve been trying to cut out a plaque. starting with an engrave bit to clear around the lettering, then when the cut is finished and back to its zero. I swap the bit for a straight cutter, load up my pocket cut and it starts as normal, then all of a sudden its cutting out but at around half the size.

any ideas?

Are you skipping steps? I’m not sure exactly what kind of issue you’re talking about here. Maybe a video or at least some pictures would help.

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