lowrider2 parts total weight, shipping days please help :)


May I know the total shipping weight of the following items

***Lowrider2 CNC Bundle

***Lowrider2 CNC Printed Parts 25.4mm-1"

Btw the way the Lowrider2 CNC Flat Parts 25.4mm OD is still out of stock, any option or can I have

its file to I could go to a shop and cut this parts for me if it is allowed here. Should stick also to MDF for this or I can use acrylic?


Also how many days it will take to be shipped in philippines?




Under 20LBS, Large flat rate USPS box, your shipping insurance ends when it get to your 3rd party shipping company if you choose to go that route.

Check in tomorrow evening for more inventory.

Yes you can cut the flat parts with the DXF file, MDF is probably best.

Depends on your countries customs, that in itself can take hours to weeks.

Thank you ryan!


what about box dimensions? will all fit in one box or separate box each bundles?


Whats the difference between these two shipping options

-$340+Large Box
-Large USPS Priority

It is a weekend here, you can check the dims of a Large Flat rate USPS box on there site. You will only have one option when you order, if you have more than one choose the cheaper one.

Ok thanks ryan