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@kd2018 Hey, forgive me for being a total newbie on plasma, who is perhaps either dense or sleepy from too much Thanksgiving turkey…

I’ve been watching videos about preparing designs for plasma cutting, including Clough42’s channel on YouTube showing how he does it in Fusion 360, and the tools in that are impressive. It takes into account the radius of planned bends based on thickness of the sheet metal, etc.

I’m trying to get my head wrapped around post processors and how I might be able to design in Fusion 360 and output for the LinuxCNC rig I’m trying to build. I am still deep in the effort to get it all wired and have not gotten to how to make a connection between design software and LinuxCNC.

I found this page showing a list of post processors to choose from for Fusion 360. Post Library for Autodesk Fusion 360 | Autodesk Fusion 360?

Is there anything in that list to choose? If not, any advise on how to go about things? Sorry to be so clueless.

Maybe I am overthinking it. Maybe do the design work in fusion 360, take advantage of the cool features (eg. accounting for radius of the bends etc.), but then simply don’t output my G code from there. Just bring the design over to LinuxCNC and ou put it from there. Does that sound more like it?

Over thinking it.

Same as always. Use CAD to design your part, in this case if you plan on attempting bends then yes you will need to design with appropriate radii and then flatten the pattern.

Export the DXF.

Open with ESTLCAM or sheetcam (specialty), add your lead ins (the only thing different from regular milling). Don’t forget the start Gcode you need for your plasmac stuff.

Export the Gcode.

Open with plasmac, and cut.

Make sure your material is selected and tuned.

So that is production settings. When you first power up and run basic movement tests, first real cuts should be designed from the built in basic shape stuff built into plasmac, with lead ins and everything. So basically don’t worry about designs until you verify your machine and wiring, there is a lot. I spent the better part of a whole day reconfirming all my stuff before making new cuts and testing feeds and speeds the rest of the day.

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@vicious1 Got it, thanks!!

Regarding doing the CAM in Fusion 360 instead of ESTLcam or Sheetcam, this video is easy to follow and very enlightening.

Doing CAM in Free fusion is not recommended. You will not get different cut and travel speeds. Not sure if that effects XY and Z differences, either. Plus I just find it overcomplicated for a 2D part.

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Got it! Thanks.