LR2 Process - Next steps?

Gents, I picked up a LR2 recently - brand new, decided on the Archim board because I figured my end goal is to run the LR2 to have all three printing abilities - with proper accessories (CNC, Laser, and 3D Print) and not have to switch out boards (maybe a rookie mistake). The LCD is hooked up and the LR2 is moving nicely/correct manually. Sure makes the kids excited to watch the “Robot” do it’s movements.
So this last weekend, I am attempting to get to the part where I run the crown test - but I am not sure if I have done things the right way - step 1, step 2, etc. to know if I have done all I can do to ensure it works right. So here goes the steps I followed:

  1. Connected USB from SurfacePro laptop to Archim board - then powered up the LR2
  2. Downloaded Repetier
  3. Followed the set up screens for printer preferences
  4. Clicked - Connect - and got error message - “Cannot locate COM6” and “Recommend to use Repetier Server” - which I saw expressly to not use, so I tried to run through the preferences again - no joy.
  5. Cleaned up the shop and turned off the lights for the night. (as opposed to saying I now have a very expensive paperweight)
  6. As I headed to bed - it occurred to me that I might be able to forego the USB connection and just use an SD card and run the LR2 this way.
  7. Tonight (Wednesday, May 20, 2020) - going to set up my small 4GB SD card, FAT32 formatted, bring down the linked crown file and see if this will pull up on the LCD controller.
  8. A purple pen is hooked up and at the ready!

All these steps to see if there are any out there who see any mis-steps or steps I need to prioritize before trying the SD card route.

Looks good (esp. step 5 there, good call).

Really, the only way to know is to do. :smiley:

And you may not find as much joy as you’d like using the LR2 as a printer. It’s pretty slow, and has a fairly limited Z height. If you do lithopanes horizontally, or plan out boxes to be folded, it may work fine, but you’ll either have to limit yourself to a portion of the working space for a heated bed, or not use a heated bed. Or get very creative (see @forcerouge’s and @jamiek’s build threads for some scary intense custom builds). Unless you have good power control, it may even be sub-optimal for laser use.

Now, all that said, I do not want to discourage you from using your LR2 the way you see fit (with the proviso that you follow all safety precautions re: job supervision, eye protection, etc., etc). I do encourage you to make the machine your own, and do what you want. I just wanted to point out that what you’re envisioning may be a fairly high bar that you’re setting for yourself, and that you may run into significant issues that may (or may not) have non-trivial solutions and/or work-arounds. :smile:

There are very few issues that are irreversible. We have helped people solve problems who are far less careful. You’ll do fine. It is your machine now, you can use it however you like.

Sd card should be a simple solution (don’t worry about the forum posts, no one posts the 99.9% of the time when it works fine).

RH should also be working though, so if you’d like to try that, after running the test crown from the sdcard, I’m sure there is a simple fix.

Repetier install defaults to installing both host and server. Are you sure Server isn’t connecting to the LR2, prventing Host from connecting?

Well, the SD card worked. Or maybe it was the file already on the board when it came. Either way, I felt a sense of a step forward!


Congratulation! Pictures please! we like to see the layout of the build and the drawing of the crown. I hope to have my LR2 drawing the crown within a week. I will post pictures then.


Finally figured out that pictures go one at a time.

Going to use my RotoZip for a while until I decide to pick up a corded router. My current router will not fit on here - too big. I’ll carve a new plate for that, maybe.


Close up of the control area. Fabricated it with stuff I had on hand. Knew all that plastic material would come in handy! I’ll have to develop a better final enclosure to not let to much dust enter. But for now, I have an air hose handy to blow out.

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Just don’t use rotozip bits.

No intention to do so! Thanks. I’ve got 1/4" boots and the Chuck accepts this size.

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