[LR3] Y Tension Block Rear Right belt issue

The belt is stuck and I cannot push it further, what’s possible solution for this issue?
Thank you.

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Looks like either stringing in the print, or over-extrusion. If you have a needle file it might clean it up

I’ve printed 3 times the item and still same issue :frowning:
I think I will modify the file!

In the photo, it looks like you should be able to clear that little translucent block in the slot, assuming the belt is bumped up against the back of it. Another possible technique (if you’ve got the excess belt length to spare) is to cut the end of the belt at a shallow angle to get the end to where you might be able to grab it with pliers to pull it the rest of the way through.

As per the instructions: cut the belt at an angle, so that it has a point, this makes threading it into the printed parts much easier. Once threaded in, you can cut it flat again. It can also help if ypu cut the first few ribs of the belt to make the first part thinner.

I used pliers to force the belt into the part one rib at a time. You do want it to be tight, or else you won’t be ae to lock the belt in place.

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Thank you guys for help.

with the third print, I used a needle to move it right-left, left-right from the inside and push it harder then it worked.

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