LR3 YZ Plates (Flat Parts) Freecad files

This is just a conversion of the DXF file, for use with Freecad, includes generated gcode file for 13mm depth mdf (14 mm to punch through) with tabs and centered so start in the middle, nothing fancy.


Two Free YZ (1.9 MB)
Strut plate (666.3 KB)



One of the screw holes on the bottom ended up being slightly off (both plates) and the z motor hole could be 1 mm wider, especially if you paint.

Oh, I have a tool change mid way to go from 3mm to 1mm for the rail holes. Octoprint will just go to pause mode, so swap out the bit, get the tip to touch the surface and resume. I use m3/m5 to control the router being off and on, you will want to do that manually if you don’t.


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