M3.5 v M4


So I was double checking my BoM compared to the one on the site and noticed that the M4 bolts had changed to m3.5 since I last looked.

So I switched to M3.5, until I found out that M3.5 nylocs cost around 8x the price of the standard M4 Nylocs.

My question is will M4 do? I think paying 8x the regular price is a little excessive.


I don’t know if they fit in the roller f’s or in some pockets. If I go to the hardware store that carries the metric stuff I can take a look, but I went off another users translation of the list and I have not heard any complaints. But when you take a look at it a #6-32 is really close to an M3.5 not an M4.I would say if the m4 lock nut fits in the roller f you will be fine.

I used M4 screws and nuts. They fit in most places without issue, but I had to do a little filing on a small few slots. I just gave each hole a run through with a 4mm drill bits for the screws. Standard M4 (not nyloc) may fit ok in the slots where the nyloc nuts were too thick to fit.

Thank you both, Ive got some m4 nylocs to try, if they fit I’ll order some more and drill the holes for 4mm.

I was sourcing my conduit the other day and realised that the place where I get my conduit for basically no cost, stocks all its conduit in imperial sizes and I have printed the IE. My question is whether 1" conduit will work in an international machine, on paper it’s .4mm between them.

Another question I have is what is the preferred material for conduit? I can get either aluminium or steel, but I am leaning towards the steel as my instinct says its more “linear”.

Thanks once again

It won’t work. A few have done it, But I am not sure how well that will work in the center section.

You want steel.

All the new updated parts are being made in 25.4mm as well, so as soon as all the parts get remade we will have a 3rd version as well.