Machine base and spoil board

I finally have some time to work on my MPCNC (version 1) and have added a U shaped support tub, a machine base with 1 1/2" MDF with 1" 1/4-20 threaded inserts on a 4" pitch. I also built a spoil board (22" by 16") screwed down to the machine base with 4 flat head machine screws. Holes in the spoil board match the threaded inserts in the machine base. Finally the spoil board was machined flat. Next up is clamping and dust collection.





Looks nice and burly, how does it work?

Well it’s flat, probably overkill but I had the MDF so I thought I would try it. The U shaped support tub is probably too deep but I do get lots of Z height. This means most cuts are done with the Z carriage extended which is not ideal but your design is quite stiff in the Z axis so it’s not a major problem. My first cut was the XY plate of the MP3DP and it worked very well. I’ll share the clamping and dust collection when I get them tested. Since I have the Z height I’m going to build a vacuum table and try to cut some aluminum but that’s longer term.

I did a U shaped support as well, but much thinner. I just used three lengths of MDF 1x4 to form the U and forced it all to be really square so I could use measurements to help square everything up. It’ll be useful to hold a removable base for my projects.