Makita $25 Off $100 on Amazon

I saw this on slickdeals and thought since the rt0701c is a common choice for a spindle it would be useful here.

The deal is for $25 off $100 of Makita purchases and the rt0701c is $99 on Amazon, so you’ll need to find a drill bit or something to use as an adder.


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Or, you could get this bad boy for only $85 (tool only):


wow there is a tool for everything these days!

But good lord, the batteries! How many batteries are they expecting you to own/buy? And you’d better have an inverter in your truck, just in case your job site isn’t wired yet.

There are times (usually when I haven’t had to climb a flight of stairs recently) that I’m glad I have a nice office job…

FWIW, I remember that almost all of the tool cases my dad had (he was a general contractor) were blue. Either Makita or Bosch. And he never cheaped out on anything. Well, nothing of his, but that’s a different therapy session… :wink:

Yeah, the batteries are where they get you. I don’t do contractor work all day, but the couple of batteries I have last a really long time. A lot longer than my 12V NiCad ones did.

I think you could also get a charger that worked on a 12V car battery. No reason to invert DC to make AC, just to charge a DC battery.

The two tools I want to add to my set are the oscillating tool and a jigsaw. They aren’t in this group. At least, there is a jigsaw, but it’s the $250 one, not the $100 one.

All my cordless tools are still Dewalt. I recently took the step up from the 18v NiMh to the Lithium. Dewalt makes an adapter so you can use the new lithium batteries on the old tools.

I’d like to add the jigsaw and circular saw to my stack of tools.

Right now I have 2 drills and 2 drivers.

I’m all Ryobi… The old yellow batteries are all failing on me these days, heck they are only eight or ten years old! Luckily I have picked up the new batteries on sale several times now. :slight_smile: