Makita rt0700c speed settings?

What speed should I run this router at? It has a speed setting for the spindle 0-6 what’s the recommended settings to use since it has to be set manually?

Feeds and speeds are not a simple thing and vary by cutter diameter, number of flutes, type of cutter, and material being cut. You could start with this video by Winston Moy to get some of the concepts. The Shapeoko is a similar class machine to the Lowrider, and it uses a Makita clone to your router. You can find a table of their suggested feeds and speeds here. Their table is for their 1/4", two-flute cutters.

Feeds and speeds are pretty forgiving. Historically, the MPCNC Burly used a DW660 cutout tool that ran at a fixed 30,000 rpm. Burning and chatter are indications you got your feeds and speeds wrong.


Thanks for this @robertbu :metal:

3.5 I find for MDF type cuts, 4 gives you burning spots but still cuts, if the job is using a fast feedrate (peeling or something) you can push it more… many factors.

Can’t say the same for acrylic, depends on the sample in hand, from always melting to Teflon like.

Your machine / bits / jobs might be totally different than mine. I usually hover around 3.5 though, with a conservative feedrate doing 3mm steps down with profile cuts.