Material for frame

Hello togheter,

it’s me again.

I ordered everything and I’m almost done with printing the parts.

First i tought i will cut the frame parts with the MPCNC out of 10mm mdf. But a friend told me today he could cut the parts with his lasercuting machine for me.

Now I’m not sure. Would it be a huge improvment to have the dxf parts out of aluminum, steel or stainless steel?

And if yes, how thick should the material be?

Thank you for your answers and have a nice evning!

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I don’t have one so feel free to ignore me. Heck, I can’t even say whether I THINK it would be an improvement. But holy smokes it would sure LOOK way cooler. I’d do it just for the “wow” factor.


Good evning,

got all my parts cutted out of 6mm aluminum. Now I just have to polish them :smiley:

Just one thing. One cut went wrong in the y-frame. Is it possible that this hole just get used on one side? It’s the hole who looks like a egg.

Now I cant wait to recieve all my parts and start building the MP3DP.


Again, I have nothing that will help, but good LORD those look awesome!

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That hole is just a spot where things can possibly be mounted, like the power supply, or the electronics case. It isn’t used for the frame assembly. In all likelihood the same ones wouldn’t be used on both sides.

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Thank you Tim.

So I will just polish the surface :grinning:

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