max spindle weight

I’m finishing up my build and trying to decide on what size spindle to buy, but I’m unsure of how big to go. I plan on going with a 400 watt brushless spindle but would prefer an 800 watt if possible. Is there a recommended max weight the z-axis can handle? I zip tied a 5lb dumbbell to the tool mount and x/y move just fine and z seems to do ok. It’s skipping some steps but I think this is more from biding because I don’t have everything adjusted yet. Most of the listings for air-cooled 800 watt spindles list the weight just under 6 lbs.

So most of the binding was caused by the dumbbell getting caught on the xy pieces. I moved it and was able to cycle the z-axis all the way up and down with only a few trouble spots. I think the rest of it is due to the threaded rod being slightly bent. I’ll get a new piece and some dry teflon spray. I was able to run the Vicious logo g-code without any issues.

Forgot to mention I’m using 3/4" conduit, ~6.5" z travel and 2’ x 2’ work area.

I replaced the threaded rod and added some teflon spray and now there are no more skipped steps. I can cycle the z-axis with the 5lb dumbbell and a couple cans of soup hanging in a plastic bag. I haven’t measured but there wasn’t a noticeable amount of deflection with close to 9 lbs on the tool mount. Think it’s safe to say using an 800 watt spindle won’t be an issue.

Did you ever end up installing a 800w spindle?

No, I went with a 400 watt brushless that should be here next week. After playing around with my machine a little more I really don’t think a larger spindle would be used to its full potential.

I’m thinking of pursuing the same route, let me know how it works out for you!