Meshcam and Marlin

Has anyone messed around with trying to get Meshcam to format the gcode in a way that Marlin will actually understand?

Estlcam doesnt do half the things I need and even when I set the language to English half of it is in what I assume is German. Fusion 360 is way MORE then I need, its complicated, and it doesnt run well on my system.

Meshcam does everything I need CAM software to do simply and easily but the formating of the gcode it exports doesnt play well with Marlin.

I’m an old hat at additive manufacturing so I can make gcode on slic3r for 3d prints that run beautifully on the machine but after hours of trying I have yet to get any gcode for milling out of any software that even remotely begins to work.

I had meshcam working, but my trial ran out so I can’t see the settings I used. One of the default post processors does format it right. I am pretty sure you are looking for one that puts all the x y and z coordinates on the same line. Sorry I can’t help more other than offering assurance that it is in there.

Incase you (or anyone else now reading this) still need to know, I’ve found to be in a format that Marlin can read. I rename the files to .gco so the RepRap Discount LCD can read them off of the SD card, but unsure if this is needed.