milled wood a piece like this is possible?

Hello everyone, I’m here to ask you one more help …
I’m drawing a house for a small core xy printer and would like to cut MDF 6mm on my MPCNC.
I’m simulating the toolpath in fusion360 but I wonder … with the cutter is a good job even if the corners are rounded? has anyone ever cut something? or they are obliged to do laser cut?

I enclose file of my little project (ultimaker frame re-design)

I suspect that the right slots 3mm with a tool(2mm) do not work correctly the path

I await your advice and directions precious

Manuel (italian noob :smiley: )

Yea, it can do that as long as the wood will fit. Depending on size you might have to cut the pieces by themselves. You can’t get perfectly square holes, but you can compensate for that in estlcam. Set up all your cuts, then highlight your parts and click on “Automatic functions” in the top menu. Then select “Add corner overcuts”. This will circle all your inside corners so you can verify it got them all. I use the defaults and so far on the couple things I’ve needed it for that works. What it does is at all the inside corners it bumps the endmill out to cut a small divot so the mating part will have clearance. In the attached pic the overcut is on the left, normal path is on the right.


Of course, I definitely put that quote was convenient to work up to it, is to make the work more step is to customize the most of each job.

Perfect ! I try now to find the function you say.
using the function that emphasizes, even if my slots to secure the screws are not perfect … just do not care that the nut gets stuck inside: D i’m wrong?

I asked for help on the forum here because I was told that toolpaths so small and sharp they could only be realized by laser …

Yea ! : D because I do not need an industrial precision is fine even if the slot is 2.2 instead of 2 mm: P

But having a 1 mm drill the defect would be less … but aumenterei work time …

(thanks barry for continued help)

Yea, I just opened the dxf in estlcam. With a 1/16th inch(1.5mm-ish) endmill you can cut the nut traps, but it’s close. You could use wingnuts instead, that way if you have too much slop, the wings will catch on the panel and still not spin freely. Something like this probably should be laser cut. I’d be afraid of messing up those traps.

I could still try and see what results I get? :slight_smile:
surely the thing lasers change much but I large thicknesses (Type 8mm) can not seem to cut it)

What are the wingnuts you speak of? the translation does not give me the result :smiley:

It’s possible :slight_smile: This was done with a 2mm endmill. Used a small wood file to make the holes square. The nut traps worked okay for me.

fantastic! It 's what I have to do! :smiley:

the tip 2mm not have the wooden panels that you used to have that thick? 6mm?

Yes, that is 6mm plywood. The endmill used looks similar to this one:

Exactly also I have a tip with 2 flute with 10mm cut height and obviously diameter 2mm (Proxxon brand)

Currently I have a Dewalt but a dremel clone that has still 35000 rpm


Good to see it will work though.

oops, I did not read it right :slight_smile: Sorry