Milling deep cuts in PVC

This forum has been incredible so for that id like to start off and say thank you all for your contributions. Ok that out of the way I had a contractor ask me today if the LR2 could CNC a 1" thick piece of PVC for a door frame. Does anyone have advice on this such as 1) is the LR2 capable of handling the loads associated 2) If so what is the recommended method to tackle this and what bits. Thank you all in advance!


My experience with “machining” PVC is limited to cutting and drilling plumbing pipe and fittings, but it works much like wood in general.

I’ve never had a problem drilling with regular split point, brad point, or forstner drill bits, and a regular wood blade in the miter saw works fine. I wouldn’t think routing it would be much different.

I would probably just try some of the same (mildly conservative) feeds/speeds/bits I’ve used on wood.

Yeah, the 1" seems like the biggest trouble. Plus, it will take ages to mill a door. Hopefully you’re not looking to do 3D contours (although that would be epic). It would take days of machine time.

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Agreed, the depth of cut might be a challenge… .

It’s unclear just what type of cut is required. Is this a full depth cut? Carving a design on the surface? More information would be helpful.

I’ve not encountered a PVC door frame. There are probably pre-hung doors with vinyl clad wood or metal frames, but the pre-hung doors I’ve installed all had wooden frames…even the steel and fiberglass doors.

I think PVC trim is becoming common, but I don’t think that material is as dense as the plumbing PVC. I haven’t used it myself, but I imagine it would machine quite nice and cleanly.

The material is 1" thick and I see the biggest issue is cutting all the way through with no pocketing. I wonder how the LR2 will handle deep cuts with a long bit. I will try it out on some MDF and reasonable bit. Any recommendations? I assume a 1/4" bit but not sure. Ill post a picture of the dxf file to cut. Also if not already done id like to contribute to the software side of the community with the dual Z/Y and Z homing up software ive modified so the next guy can simply flash it and get on with life. Notes how to post that would be great. Thank you all!

A bit with 1"+ flutes will be necessary I would think.

Something like this


The 1/8" bit is from a supplier with a good reputation on this forum, but I don’t know about the other.

I’ve purchased them both myself, but haven’t tested them yet. I’m busy with outdoor projects now.