Milling jobs "lock up," movement stops and TFT becomes unresponsive

Hey all! Details:

MPCNC Primo kit, self-printed parts, kit bought from V1, dual endstop firmware and wiring

SKR Pro 1.2 with TFT screen, flashed to latest firmware from V1 Engineering

GCode Generated via Guffy’s post-processor in Fusion 360

Issue is intermittent - some milling operations complete just fine and other stop partway through. No error or message is thrown - movement on all axes just stops. The clock on the TFT continues to climb, but no other action is taken. Any attempt to pause the print, get into the TFT submenus, or other interaction causes the TFT to become unresponsive.

I believe this topic has the same issue. I don’t see a resolution in this topic, but there might be other topics exploring this issue. Apparently it does not happen in Marlin mode. Hold the knob down for 10s to put the display in Marlin mode (assuming the cables for Marlin mode is correctly installed). Not a fix, but Marlin mode should allow you to keep cutting while working on an answer.

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Thank you! Giving my current job another try in Marlin mode.

I have the same problem, and the solution I saw to be able to keep using the touch mode was: when it stops, plug a laptop to the SKR board, and connect repetier. As you as the connection is made, it restarts.

No idea on how to actually fix it. It doesn’t seems to be related to the fusion 360 generated file as I had the same issue with a file from Estlcam…

Same problem here But
(MPCNC SKR PRO TFT35 dual endstops…homes fine, Z probe works)
Tried the SKR SD slot but unable to read. Found issue on Forum.
Used SD on TFT but TFT became unresponsive while “exercising machine…not cutting”
Marlin mode seemed to work. Put spindle in and setup stl job. 9hr job in Marlin mode froze at 6 hrs.
Marlin mode seemed working. Tried pausing, then resuming, but nothing.
My lorider2 used the mini Rambo and no problems, but no dual endstops either.