Milling problems Gcode generated by Fusion 360

Hi everybody!

First, let me apologize for this question. I’m a total newbie to Fusion and this is my first attempt into the Manufacture world.

I have a simple logo that was inserted as SVG file and then extruded to make it 3D. Then a 2D Apative clearing was created to make the outside shape. Afterward, a 2D pocket to cut the indents in the shape.

In Fusion everything looks fine, but:

  1. When milling a total disaster occurs. I not getting a smooth shape at all. Please check the attached pictures. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  2. Why is the tool path so complicated and intricate? There are several exits and entry points. Why it is not a continuous movement?

  3. Could be this a post-processor error?

Thanks a lot for giving some light to an apprentice!

I could share my file but the forum doesn’t allow me because I’m new

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 5.03.14 PM|690x356

Do you have lead in/lead out turned on? It can cause something like this if you don’t have it set correctly. Also try running a simulation in fusion with the stock visible… you should see if these notches show up on the screen. If they do… it’s not the post processor!

Hi Greg,

I did want you suggested, and in fact, the notches show up!. Any idea what I (or Fusion) is doing wrong? I guess is a matter of proper settings in Fusion, but I can’t see what it is.

Turn off ‘lead in/out’

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If you look at the cut from the top down, are the cutout areas inside the line or outside the line? This will help you figure out if the problem is the toolpath taking out too much material in that one spot or not enough material along the rest of the cut.

Thank you to @niget2002 and @tailslide.

The issue was solved in the Fusion forums. The problem was that my model was composed of multiples bodies. When I combined them and then apply the CAM feature, it worked just fine.

Thanks, folks!

Good to know. I didn’t even think about that being the case.

The same happens when you 3d print something. Need to make sure the final model/stl is one piece.