Mini figure display cloud

My mom is collecting a special kind of Christmas decoration. It’s little angels made of wood, which play instruments. It’s a sentimental thing for her, the first figure was given to her by her grandmother. In case you want to see some examples check this link

This is pricey stuff, I don’t know if it really matches the efforts of the craft. But for the figures I can “understand” the pricing. It seems that most of the collectors display the figures in some kind of stairs which look like clouds. You can buy this at the places where you buy the figures. But even if the figures are pricey, those display stands are out of any reasonable price range. I saw adds where they charged over 100€ for this. So I made one, cost about 20€ :slight_smile:

A CNC is probably not the best tool for the job, but a first try with the jigsaw looked like :poop: and I don’t own a spindle sander to work my way to the finish line. Soooo… CNC it is :smiley:
the creation of the shape in fusion took quite long (splines) and during the first mill my machine crashed because my core clamps were loose. It started to wobble and milled it’s way to the spoil board (praise the emergency stop). I assume the pla must have shrinked a bit, since the nuts are self securing. After I tightened everything and did a second run it worked like a charm

Edit: maybe I should get into the cloud business… Blank Wolke 4 Etagen mit Spitzbogen natur - Blank