MK8 Extruder/hotend combo rotating in clamp

Hello all,

As seen in another tread, I built a MP3DP (and my daughter too). Now I have a question, which perhaps need a redesign of the part X.stl.

Whenever I have to change filament I have to push the lever on the extruder. And even when I try to keep it in place more often than not I manage to warp/rotate the positioning of the extruider/hotend, resulting is a misaligned Z-placement. It look like the strap is a bit to narrow or the extruder/hotend misses a ridge to stay in place.

It would be great to have something that keeps the hotend in place, or is there another methode I should use to loosen and place the filament. Filament wil not always loosen properly using the filamentfeature of Octoprint.

@vicious1 of anyone else, can you advise me?


I’d be curious to know if my HeffeExMount would work. It fits in between the motor and the extruder and holds it by the extruder screws. But I made it for the E3D extruder.

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This look like a great solution. I was just about to print the thing, when I realized that the piece with the 2 holes is on the bottom. This is no problem, but now I don’t have a place to strap my wires to. Do you have the designfile?

Edit: I managed to mirror the part, printing now…

I do. They are in my onshape. What format do you want?

Well, step-file always work :wink: I use FreeCad and Fusion.

Mirrored, printed, assembled, calibrated and printing a second one for my daughter’s printer.
Tnx @jeffeb3, really great! Only had to replace one screw for a slightly longer one!

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That looks great. I added the step to the TV page.

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I placed the remixed file on thingiverse.

MK8 style Extruder / hotendmount for MP3DP by Keeze101 - Thingiverse

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