MKS Gen 1.4 for MPCNC

Hi there,

I’m using the MKS Gen 1.4 board for the MP3DP, and so far it seems to do quite a good job.

I want to order a second one for the MPCNC, it’s just slightly more expensive than the Ramps 1.4 Arduino combo, I suppose the functionality is exactly the same, or is there anything what speaks against it?

I have heard it seems a consensus that super cheap hardware clones have increased risk of failure, not just theoretically but in actual practice. Im not sure if this is just for RAMPS, or others too.

Personally I think I would try MKS on my next build.

Hi there, for this MKS Gen1.4 board, which LCD display are you using? TFT28 would work?

I got a TFT35, for the printer, but not yet installed. Seems to be a bit tricky, but there are tutorials on the web how to do. The 28 and the 35 seems to be pretty identical installation.

For the MKS board, I checked a few days ago where’s the board. The China-man did not even shipped it yet, so the MPCNC will run on the classic Mega / ramps combo which should arrive tomorrow from Amazon.

The MKS board I can still use on my Ender or my other MPCNC in Thailand.

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I use MKS Gen L and a TFT 28 that is touch in my Ender 3D, works very well but I am not familiar if the Menus will be ok for the MPCNC. Sorry I never saw the menus for the MPCNC.

Hi Jethro, I am still trying to find a MKS GEN tutorial to setup my MPCNC, everything is for 3D print.

Do you have any one that you followed?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

There’s not a big difference between both.

I simply downloaded the correct firmware, depending on limit switches or not.



In my case, the only things I did change was the lead screw setting, as I ordered a 2 mm pitch instead of 8.

And you might change it to MKS_Gen_13 in config.h

The rest was pretty much running instantly.

I lost a lot of time because of my mistake with the lead screw, not because of adjusting the pitch, but running the wrong speeds and loosing steps.

Second was trying to run the board with Estlcam firmware, the MKS is not supported.


Thats is a start, Thanks a lot Jethro, I will try but my knowledge is not as good as yours, so lets see.


Well, half a year ago, I didn’t even know what a MPCNC was, so far for the knowledge :smiley:

Not sure the exact board differences but I’ll share what I did with similar (hopefully) hardware.

I’ve used MKS Gen L v1.0, with RepRap Full Graphic Smart Controller, and MPCNC firmware… exactly as I’ve used Mega/RAMPS1.4 boards with my MPCNC’s in the past.

I downloaded the custom firmware (MPCNC_Ramps_T8_16T_LCD_32step) from Github ( and simply changed the MOTHERBOARD option to “BOARD_MKS_GEN_L” (exactly as specified in “boards.h”), the steps/mm values (as necessary), and un-commented the line “#define REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER” in “Configuration.h”. I then flashed the firmware to my MKS Gen L controller board and, after also reversing the connector orientation on the full-graphic LCD controller (a known issue)… all worked perfectly.

You’ll need to use, of course, the motherboard and display options matching your hardware. And, using the MPCNC-custom firmware, the menus should all be appropriate for MPCNC.

I hope this is helpful. – David



Hi David, Of course helps I am getting lot of help in the forum, all materials are at home and the last printed part will be ready when I am back home in three days, then start the mounting. Thanks for your input.