Mouldings Cad Library

Here is an interesting site I came across the other day that has a lot of moulding profiles which seem like they could be useful for projects like picture frames and similar creations. The files are available in PDF & DWG.


After downloading a few of these profiles, I decided to make an openscad file to generate picture frames using one of the profiles. I edited 5 of the profiles to create dxf files to import into openscad to start with to give me a little variation & it worked pretty good. I made 2 openscad files, one for rectangular where the Length & Width of the frame can be different & then just to make it more interesting, I made an openscad file to generate a picture frame of any number of sides from 3 to n. There is also an option to generate just a single moulding without the miter cuts. After getting the calculations for the many sided polygonal frame, I decided to make a customizable profile with variable width, thickness & up to 5 different cuts along the length of the profile:

  1. Inside edge
  2. Outside edge
  3. Center Cut
  4. Between Center & Outside Edge with variable offset (shown with 4 sided circle cut)
  5. Between Center & Inside Edge with variable offset.

The inside & outside edge can be Rounded, chamfered (4 sided circle) or fillet like the center cut. Seems like this could be useful with cutting custom mouldings or picture frames with CNC machine or 3d printed. To make the rabbit cut easier to 3d print, I also added an option to taper that cut up at 45 degrees. There is also an option to add a base thickness if the frame does not want to be open in the center. Does anyone have any other options I should consider adding before publishing this on thingiverse? I attached a couple of screen shots to give you an idea of how the design looks. The profile samples I used from the moulding library are DXF files, so you could create your own custom profile if you want to get even more fancy. I am drawing these in mm units, so having a variable option for mm or inches might be good to add.

Ok, this is available on thingiverse located here:
This can also be used in the thingiverse customizer.