Mount for full graphic controller

Does anyone have a nice model for mounting the full graphic controller conveniently? Maybe off one of the corner posts?

I leave mine dangling, that way I can use it to start the job then usually tuck it out of the way from the dirt.

I’m surprised nobody else is showing off designs. I considered your remote option with maybe a holster on the side of the table but my cables aren’t very big. Maybe that’s the best way to make sure its out of harms way.

Hello! I’m from Italy, here is my Vicious1 printer with full graphic display. I have used an enclosure from thingiverse and designed the support that you can see in the photos. Printer in the photos need only to secure the heatbed with the springs and change the M8 threated rods (with adaptors fot nuts) with the rods just bought that you can see packed on the heatbed. 5mm mdf is cutted with a laser machine, not milled :slight_smile: In the Marlin I’ve written Viciuos1 as printer to see Vicious happy :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I make you a gift, search the full graphic enclosure on thingiverse and then you can use my support if you have 5mm frame. You need to drill the enclosure (3mm) to fit the support (you have to print 2 supports)

Sorry I cant append stl file … Vicious if someone needs the file I can send you it

How well does the printer work? :slight_smile: