Moving the business forward

Don’t forget each year people’s concerns have evolved.

At first I made a video saying “look at me mill aluminum” The most frequently asked question was how big of a printer can I make with it.

Next up was “but can I make a PCB with it?” somehow milling aluminum didn’t answer that for some people.

Then other machines started to come out and it was “there’s has a larger work area” “GRBL” “plastic is only for toys”. The Great expansion…

Then lasers.

Surfacing live edge slabs.

Now inlays are the in thing.

Software is becoming more of a topic because there used to only really be two solid options.

I think the galleries are the best at showcasing what the machines can do, and they are updated several times a day. If you want more info about a project, you click on the picture. Sometimes that even links to a video. There is no way I can keep up with making videos myself but maybe I can work on highlight reals from other projects every quarter, or something. With permission


Speaking as a customer…

I assume that for DIY projects yhat what I want to do may be similar to what other people do, but maybe not identical. I did spend some time looking through the gallery before I built my Primo. I knew that I was building larger than revommended, (but wanted to be sure that I could re-do my litchen cabinets, which demanded a certain size.)

Hard to look with fresh eyes, because having aleady built it, I already know what’s needed, but… yeah. Particularly for those of us where free shipping isn’t an option (outside of the continental 48 states) we want to be sure to get it all in one order. My first order I thought was complete, but I still ended up with second order for stuff


Hey Ryan,
I have really enjoyed my Burly MPCNC but with age an repairs I need to do some upgrades. I don’t see this equating to sales for you though.
I think having an entry level machine that is as low cost as possible appeals to the hard core maker crowd. (That begs the question… How many hard core makers are there?) A while back, I needed to pickup some small capscrew from hobby town for my endstop switches, and the owner got real curious about I was up to.
We got to kibitzing and he made some interesting comments that surprised me.
He was talking about how back in the day people used to make their own models from scratch and how now Arf is taking over. He does alot of business fixing and modding RC cars for people. They don’t seem to have the skillsets to do it themselves…
How does this apply to you? I’m not sure.(other than people who provide turnkey solutions probably have really good margins). One thought I was having was that you keep doing what you’re doing and offer some difficult to fab upgrades. Perhaps cast aluminum carriage that could have adapters for 606 bearings or recirculating linear balls.
(I think that is something like that could snag some extra moths out of my wallet)

I think the basic MPCNC design is pretty cool and I don’t see anything like that on the market. If would be nice to have a option to move things up notch in rigidity and accuracy. (I personally think thats cool but I don’t know if that’s a good business path)
Back in the day, when I bought the components from you I was wanting to support the maker and your prices where( and still are) reasonable.

One thing I’ve been noodling is if you inverted the truck, you might be able to do a truss on one axis to extend the width(total vaporware, I haven’t thought this through yet). I don’t have the real estate to do a lowrider but with would be nice to have a mpcnc that could do 2 X 4 feed comfortably that I could feed 4X8 ply through in sections.

When you came to Mrrf did you see a bump in sales?
Just some other random thoughts, marketing a low cost tool changer or perhaps a rotary attachment?

One other thought, is marketing to Stem… Lots of people have printers know, marketing to scouts for merit badges or high schools as projects to put together could be a way to get growth.
Or what about a path… Build the MPCNC which could be used to make a low cost robot that runs Ross. What I think is cool about your MPCNC is you can provide components to match a budget… That is a huge strength that others can’t provide.

(Sorry about the ramble… I’m on staycation this week and this what happens got time get when I’m rested and actually have time to think about fun stuff and ponder the nature of the universe)

I think you’re a good guy, and I want to see you succeed and grow your business.
Wishing you success on whatever path you choose.

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I have been looking through all the pages and I think the old gallery might have had a key to this problem. I used to sort the projects in the galleries by more than machine. Gallery | V1 Engineering Inc I have things like plasma cutting, detailed cuts, wood, plastic, metal, needle, woodburner. That probably answered a lot of questions people had. I am just really not sure how easy that would be to do these days. These seems like a solid solution though??

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As we have said in the troubleshooting, a pic tells a lot more than a written description. Most folks nowadays are more visually oriented.


You could add a second tag. Like gallery-mpcnc-inlay. It would take some time to retag everything.

It also seems like we would need some kind of table of contents, with each section labeled, and a preview of images (ideally automatically generated, but manual if we have to).


It will show up in the tags section, but I think the list would have to live on it’s own page with links to each section. That seems to diminish its value though. Or maybe as the instructions pages get built out just link them there, eg, Laser page link to the laser galleries? The bummer about all of this is we lose out on the facebook projects since they are not listed here.

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It is an Army Engineer icon. I am an Army trained Engineer, not a degreed one. I do both combat expeditionary missions and construction. I have deployed as a platoon leader to Afghanistan conducting route clearance missions - also known in doctrine as route recon. Then I was executive Officer (2nd in charge) of a horizontal construction unit - I was lead maintenance officer for the company as the XO. I learn loads about how hydraulics work. Then Company Command of our Forward Support Company within the Engineer Battalion. I performed logistics support to our three engineer companies: Combat Engineer, Horizontal and Vertical companies.
I am serving in the National Guard, originally out of Oregon but now full time service (as opposed to one weekend a month, etc.) in the Washington DC area as a Construction manager who helps clear Federal red tape for States to receive their military construction funding. I review plans and support the awarding of construction contracts to general contractors to build facilities for the National Guard.
In my spare time - haha - I was a residential general contractor, managing new home builds, then into finish carpentry, flipping homes, then into home inspections. I picked up my first LR2 in late 2019 early 2020 while on my first active duty guard assignment in Colorado.
As to the Engineer flag - google Army Engineer Guidon or Army Engineer Flag - it will be a red field with a white or gold castle in the center. Company, Battalion and Brigade is usually a white castle. Any Engineer General Officer (GO) will have one with a gold castle in it. Though the heraldry office has done it’s best to discontinue GOs from standing their internal army branch (infantry, armor, artillery, engineer) flags around. Too much hubris for the common soldier I guess.
Hope that helps -

and sorry for the answer to the sidebar there Ryan!