MP3DP upgrade

Hello everyone, so for the last month i wast looking for a printer online that i could build using a 3d printer so i’ve found the MP3DP on this site i really liked it it was the best printer that i’ve found online and i has clear instructions so after buying the parts and building it i’ve encountred alot of problems with the design so i did some modification to the design and i think i becamed a better printer

i’ve added a belt tensioner for the X and Y axis

designed a better extruder mount for the MK8 extruder

added support for the z axis screw

removed zip ties and replaced them with other components

added a foldable LCD screen

a ramps case

filament spool mount

and nuts under the bed for better controll

i hope you guys like the design and i’ll upload it to thingiverse if you want to use

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You should not constrain the Lead screws though, it will result in poor print quality. That is what is called over constrained. The Smooth rod is doing all the work, you float the top of the lead screw and the botom actually is “floating” in the XY angles because of the coupler, you should however constrain it in the z by butting it against the stepper shaft.

The LCD and spool holder being on the Z axis is a tough one for me, I feel it causes undo stress on that axis’ parts, Btu I am probably over thinking it.

Please do not take this as criticisms, I love your mods, just sharing my reasoning to hopefully benefit all of us in the end. I never see anyone talk about WHY they do things, I try to when at all possible.

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i’ll try it without lead screw support and see the deffrence and i also wanna thank you for making the MP3DP if it wasn’t you i won’t be able to build this printer

thank you

For sure, try it both ways. The smooth rods should be really straight, and most leads screws have more curve than a smooth rod. Have fun with it, kind the point of this printer. Try it out. Let me know how that extruder mount works, I am still not happy with mine and I have tried a few different designs that never got released.

Easily the best part of this printer is changing it. Looks like you had a lot of fun. The X mount looks very tough.

Mine has been doing great. I think the one thing that’s a bit weak is the part cooling fan. It’s been working ok, but not great.

I also tried a piece of glass with mixed results (but I’ll save them for my build log).

That is to say, I know this printer so well now, I am sure I can try all the new fangled parts on it easily. Which is awesome.

I like the mods. And that is a beautiful looking build. I will give one suggestion that isn’t necessary but I think it is simple to do and it helps.

If your printer is working on a print that spans across most of the X axes it can cause the extruder to tug and pull on the filament spool. This usually doesn’t cause a large problem but it can make the print look ugly in spots because the extruder will flex and get a little off path when it snags the filament and tugs in it. It can also cause the filament to break or jam in extreme situations.

The way to solve it is to have a PTFE tube attached to the extruder body and to a fixed point somewhere else like the top of the frame. That way the filament will never get tugged it will only pull at the speed the extruder motor.

the new extruder mount is way better than the original one it’s more rigid the problem with the original one is that it’s weak when i press on the lever of the extruder to change the filament the whole X axis moves down also the belt tensioner helps alot

The things missing on the extruder mount though are a part fan (this can be really important for some prints) and a Z probe mount (to allow auto-leveling). If I hadn’t gone Bowden I’d be tempted to do something along these lines, with the Bowden design my extruder is mounted at the top of the printer and I have only the hot end down there moving around. :slight_smile:

Hi, I saw the changes you made and i guess they are great. Have you upload them to thinguiverse? cause i just can’t found them. Or are you going to share them?

Thank you in advance

Hey Omar, I like your mods. Do you have stl’s or links?