MP3DP -- wire managment suggestions/tips

i have the MP3DP wired back up and working and im doing my testing to get things dialed in but the wires are everywhere and im trying to plan out how to rangle them and get them managed.

can anyone help me with some suggestions or tips on how to get all the wires under control?

i saw one guy on the thingiverse website use some really cool wires with some sort of pin connection on each end and is insulated with some kind of fiber wrap and seemed to makes things better for connections

also im having trouble with the wire for the heatbed and connectors for the end stops. the wire from the heatbed are a little thick and hard to get into the green terminal on the board. sometimes it slips out. and the endstops i opted for some terminal connects but they dont all fit in the little space between the Z and X endstops near the X stepper motor.

any suggestions on those two problems?

thanks for any help yall can give. great printer