MPCNC almost ready in northern Italy

It has been almost a year since I started building the MP3DP. Now I have finished the mechanical assembly and started the wiring.
I used the SKR Pro v.1.2 card with 2209 driver.
Now I have some existential questions !!!
1 - I downloaded the Firmweare V13DP_SkrPro_2209- and I ask if it is the correct firmware for the MP3DP or if it is already the one for the new printer that Ryan is engineering.
2 . Where can I find the firmware for the TFT35 V3 E3? Can you pass me a link?
3. I wired the micro switches as NC, is that correct?
Thanks for your suggestions and have a nice day from Italy

  1. It is. The new printer is called the repeat, and it is the V1RDP firmware.
  2. For the printer, I would just use the oem firmware:
  3. IIRC, it is correct. You can send M119 and see if they are triggered before trying to home them.

Thanks, I’ll try and report back

Progress made: verified with M119 the switches are triggered when pressed. Homing off all axes works perfectly. Thanks Jeffeb3.
I downlodad the oem firmware as suggested, but I can not flash it to the TFT35 V3 E3.
I inserted the Memory card to the screen directly. The card is seen as inserted when I power on the system, but nothing happen.
Some suggestion?

What did you put on the sd card? It should be a config.ini, langiage.ini, the bin file (that matches your screen), and the TFT35 folder

Thanks for your help Jeffeb3.
I would never have done it alone.
The Firmware is now updated.
I think I will still need your suggestions in the near future.
Unfortunately, it won’t be easy for you to get rid of me, but tell me when I’m bothering you too much.

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No worries Paolo, I hang out here because I enjoy it. I am far from alone. Asking questions is why we are all here