MPCNC almost ready in northern Italy

It has been almost a year since I started building the MP3DP. Now I have finished the mechanical assembly and started the wiring.
I used the SKR Pro v.1.2 card with 2209 driver.
Now I have some existential questions !!!
1 - I downloaded the Firmweare V13DP_SkrPro_2209- and I ask if it is the correct firmware for the MP3DP or if it is already the one for the new printer that Ryan is engineering.
2 . Where can I find the firmware for the TFT35 V3 E3? Can you pass me a link?
3. I wired the micro switches as NC, is that correct?
Thanks for your suggestions and have a nice day from Italy

  1. It is. The new printer is called the repeat, and it is the V1RDP firmware.
  2. For the printer, I would just use the oem firmware:
  3. IIRC, it is correct. You can send M119 and see if they are triggered before trying to home them.

Thanks, I’ll try and report back

Progress made: verified with M119 the switches are triggered when pressed. Homing off all axes works perfectly. Thanks Jeffeb3.
I downlodad the oem firmware as suggested, but I can not flash it to the TFT35 V3 E3.
I inserted the Memory card to the screen directly. The card is seen as inserted when I power on the system, but nothing happen.
Some suggestion?

What did you put on the sd card? It should be a config.ini, langiage.ini, the bin file (that matches your screen), and the TFT35 folder

Thanks for your help Jeffeb3.
I would never have done it alone.
The Firmware is now updated.
I think I will still need your suggestions in the near future.
Unfortunately, it won’t be easy for you to get rid of me, but tell me when I’m bothering you too much.

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No worries Paolo, I hang out here because I enjoy it. I am far from alone. Asking questions is why we are all here

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Incredible, now that Ryan has already released the updated version (MP3DP-Repeat) I’m still here asking for help with my MP3DP V.2 …
It’s been a long time and only now I’m trying it.
I created a gcode file and tried to print.
I have problems with MK8, it does not deposit enough material and it makes an intermittent noise with a certain frequency. I wonder if in FW it has to be modified and adapted to MK8, if there are parameters to be corrected or other.
Any help is welcome.
Thanks and to all my wishes for a Merry Christmas

I am not sure if the repeat is going to replace the MP3DP. They are pretty different.

The steps per mm for the extruder need to be calibrated. If you got the titan aero firmware, then they are way off. But it is an easy thing to check.

M92 is the command for getting the current steps per mm. It can also set new ones.

I test by making a mark on the filament 120mm away from the extruder, then I extrude 100mm and I see how close the mark is to 20mm.

If this isn’t making sense, search YouTube for extruder calibration and you’ll find a bunch of examples. Teaching tech is especially good at this stuff.

Thanks Heffe, the response of the M92 command does not satisfy me, the values detected are: X100.00 Y100.00 Z 400.00 E 837.
I tried to extrude 100mm and it extruded me about 900m.
Do you think there is a need to correct some parameters or is it just an error in the measurement unit of the report?
In the meantime I found the reason for the vibration … I had replaced the extruder stepper cable with one of the other steppers because the original one could not be inserted into the SKR Pro and I did not realize that the one I used was wired differently . By moving two of the cables now the stepper turns correctly.

That’s a lot of filament! :laughing:

I’ll assume you meant 900mm. I think the 837 is for the aero. Try this:

M92 E100

If you like that, save it with M500, otherwise I it will be lost when you reboot.

I bet that still isn’t right, but it is a better starting place.

Between these two statements… is that 90mm?

The math for steps/mm isn’t too difficult. Take the actual extruded amount of filament, divide by the commanded amount of filament (Say 90mm/100mm) gives you 0.9. Now divide the current steps/mm by the result (837 / 0.9 = 1041.1111) and then try that. Test again, and see if the actual amount matches the commanded amount.

Now say you actually meant 900mm 900mm / 100mm = 9. Divide that, and you get 837 / 9 = 93.

837 is a heavily geared down extruder. 93 is reasonable for a direct drive. I don’t remember what I set mine to for a MK8 extruder, my MP3DP isn’t here anymore, but since it’s a direct drive type, it’s probably in that ballpark.

Thanks a lot to both of you. I will try and then I will tell you the result.
Merry Christmas

After a second correction it would seem all right.
I made a new measurement and at the request of extrusion of 100 mm it extruded 105 when the steps / mm were set at 100.
So I set the steps / mm to 95.23 (100/105 = 95.23)
The number seems to be strange, but …
I will do some test prints, but at the moment I am very satisfied

Thanks again