MPCNC Build in Paris, France

Hi !

I’m building a metric MPCNC. Work size will be 500mm x 500mm x 75mm.

I’m using 25mm stainless steel conduits, 2mm thick.

Parts are (being) printed using premium PETG with 0.20mm resolution and Gyroid infill.

Hardware parts bundle is on its way. It reached Paris yesterday and and will soon be held by french customs for rand() * pi * 42 days if everything goes right.



Can’t wait to see it.


Here is my table build from a used IKEA BJURSTA table, and some battens to strengthen the structure. Size is 90 x 90 cm.

My idea was to keep the original board, but I realized it was really concave, and I ended using 22mm plywood instead.

[attachment file=100224]

Some progress on base assembly…

[attachment file=“100228”]

[attachment file=“100229”]

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holy shit those prints are looking beautiful. what printer are you using?

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Hi Sven,

I am happy with the quality of the prints. They fill solid but not as breakable as PLA. I hope the CNC will like them as well.

Parts were printed by my Prusa i3 MK3 from

Filament is Prusament PETG, made by Prusa too.

Sliced with Slic3r Prusa Edition with default « 0.15 quality » settings, except for the first layer where I divided speed by 2, and the perimeters set to 6. I use a brim on all prints. For the post processing part I just shave edges of the first layer after removing the brim.


Some progress on the middle assembly…

[attachment file=“IMG_4230 (1).jpg”]

[attachment file=“IMG_4527 (1).jpg”]

[attachment file=“IMG_4528 (1).jpg”]

Digging the colors!

Oh man, great looking prints! Really like that color combination!

I concur, very nice looking prints indeed. Mind if I ask, did you buy the Prusa i3 MK3 preassembled or did you buy the kit version? Thanks!

Thanks guys !

Colors are « Prusa Orange » and « Jet Black ».

I bought the kit. It was much longer to assemble than some pre-assembled chinese kits, but easy enough.

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Thanks for the info.

Sadly I’m unable to square the main assembly correctly, I’m going to open another topic in troubleshooting.

[attachment file=“IMG_4533 (1).jpg”]

I moved on, and made some progress on the gantry…

[attachment file=“IMG_4531 (1).jpg”]

I already replied to your other thread but now that I am seeing this again. I would say tighten the 5" a smidge and maybe loosen the two 1.5". That in theory should move it a hair the right way.

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Hey guys,

I managed to get it square and I ran my first crown test. This week-end’s goal has been achieved.

Here is the result, what do you think ?

[attachment file=“IMG_4603 (1).jpg”]

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Looks good to me, awesome job! What’s your first project?

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My daughter has a project for this machine, it may be a doll house…

But first I have to install an E-Stop, I crashed the pen several times already :smiley: