MPCNC Build in UK

Hi All,

Just thought I’d share my in progress MPCNC build. Many, many hours of 3D printing on an old cheap Prusa clone have got me this far!

Now to work on wiring, etc.

Thanks to Ryan for the fantastic design!



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Almost finished!

Looks good, toss them belts on and make some moves

Hi Geoff,


Looks good, can I ask a question?

Is that the screwfix deta conduit for the rails? Did you find it was 25mm OD? Its the last thing I need to source for my mpcnc and I’m a bit nervous buying the screwfix deta conduit if its wrong.




Hi Washy,

Yes, that is the screwfix deta conduit. Seems to be 25mm (at least it fits the 25mm parts I printed just fine!), only issue I had was some of the pipes were bent in places, easy enough to work around if you have some spare. But you might want to be more careful when picking it up than I was!


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Thanks Geoff, Good to know.


In my naivety I printed out the 25mm parts only to find 25mm stainless tube is quite uncommon.


Was just weighing up wether to reprint everything in 25.4mm and buy stainless tube ~£8/meter, buy the screwfix 25mm conduit at £3/meter or buy 25mm stainless tube at £13/meter.


Was worried some reports here of issues with the screwfix conduit coming in undersized.



evening gents


I personally went for the stainless steel 25.4 tubing, not once have I regretted my choice.

Look up my thread.


Good to see another MPCNC here in blighty



hi, where did you get your stainless.

i found metals4u which seemed cheap then there is 20% vat and delivery. total was £74 for 600 x 900 size cnc.