MPCNC__BURLY_J-25- how to know the strength to move the axis?

Hi, I printed the J-25 pieces, the bearings are:

it all mounted but I feel the strength to move the axis are not so loose, I need a little force to make it move. know if

How can I calibrate the rollers to make it more loose?

please let me know if other information is needed.


Are you sure it’s 1" tube?

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You can try to sand and polish your pipes if they are a little too rough. This jig is great, I’ve used it myself:

(as long as you have the right conduit size though!!)

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Yes tubes are 25.4mm, and they are Steel polished.


[attachment file=109953]

Okay, if it’s hard to move them, then make sure any bolt holding a bearing with plastic on both sides is loose. Basically the nut is just there to keep the bolt from falling out. If it’s still tight, use it for a while, the plastic will loosen a bit over time.


Example, see that long bolt in your picture on the left side? That’s what I’m talking about by plastic on both sides of the bearing. Loosen any of those bolts so it’s not squeezing the plastic.


Thanks Barry, I will lose all of them, but this one in the left is too lose :slight_smile:


Hi Barry, if I lose the screws, all gantry gets loose, seems that it make the piece tight to the tubes.


Okay, tighten them up a little and just use it for a while. It could be that your printer is just printing a little small.

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