MPCNC CAD/CAM Learning Curve

If I’m reading this correctly for the MPCNC all that needed is the Bundle kit and Printed Parts and you have a CNC. I have the tube and a Spindle. What I don’t have is CAM.

The ESTLCam has a free trial available. How long is the trial version? Is it compatible with my free Version of Autodesk (123D Design)?

Sorry if this has already been answered. I’m new here and any help is greatly appreciated.





It can stay free what you get is a 1 second longer nag screen that tops out at 30 seconds I think. Yes it is compatible, you will export/import DXF or STL files.

An LCD is kinda worth it to make it a “deluxe” kit.

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Thanks Ryan I will be purchasing the products this Friday.

Just curious do you know of anyone using a MASSO CNC Controller on the MPCNC. I like the concept but don’t know anyone who has one.



I had not seen that before, I am not sure of the price but there are a bunch of way to no use a computer.

The Parts Bundle kit has 5 motors.

Do I need to add the wire kit if ordering the Mini Rambo Kit to connect all 5 motors?

Do I need the RAMBo LCD adapter when ordering the LCD Graphic Controller Card?


You should probably look through the instructions on the assembly page. There are options.


The answer to both of those is no, but you should probably browse through all of the pages linked from the assembly page.

Ryan thanks again for all your help.

I just placed my order. Looking forward to this father Son project. Sorry for all the questions. I could have asked my son but it’s a surprise gift.

I just had a conversation with a lady about her son and husband starting on the 3D printer journey. Such a good project, a lot to learn, so you get to fail and succeed together. In the end I hope it is as worth for you as it has been for them.

Ask as many questions as you need, everyone has a very different knowledge base.