Mpcnc could we mount a Circular Saw

So, check this out, it does not go into how he programmed it, but do you think it would be possible to do with our MpCNC’s?

The stuff he does is pretty cool!

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This looks dangerous, cutting against the blade. Besides that: Create a mount and it should work if it is not too heavy.

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As long as you don’t try to cut deeper than the teeth cutting against the blade isn’t bad. I’ve made jigs to cut coves on my table saw that cuts against the blade.

As for doing it on the mpcnc? NO! The CNC the guy in the video was using has ballscrews driven by nema 23 steppers. It’s also several oders of magnitude stronger than a mpcnc.


Didn’t Jamie (@jamiek) attach a grinder to his MPCNC?


Yeah, but he lives here in Texas where we regularly try to kill ourselves by building nonsensical contraptions.


There was also some discussion here I'll just leave this here

I’m convinced that CAM should even be possible, provided the desired shape is compatible with the disc-shaped cutter. Like a shallow bowl for example, and it could be a whole lot quicker than an endmill.


Estlcam, I’m using a bull nose but. The radius is 6in.


Too slow, much too slow.

If you want to hog out a recess quickly, might I suggest the secondo-saw.

Mounting is quite easy, if it’s good enough for the belts, it’s good enough for this.

Two easily replaceable zip dies hold it in place, until they don’t, and then the real fun starts!

Apologies to Ryan for plagiarizing his primo photo and destroying it.


mount that to a LR and you have a great firewood cutter.

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MPS, Mostly Printed Sawmill!


I nominate this the solution, lol

Well i had to remove solution. It was telling replies to start a new thread, but i still like it

Makes sense. Thanks