MPCNC for Sale in Germany (Moenchengladbach)

Hello Folks,

after experimenting and using my mpcnc for around 1 year i want to build myself a bigger more rigid cnc. Due to this circumstance i need to sell my mpcnc in order to get some space in my workshop :slight_smile:

Data of my mpcnc:

  • Working slightly more than 600x400mm

  • 21mm Siebdruckplatte as a baseplate

  • MDF-Plate with threaded insert as a sacrificial mountingplate

  • Enclosure made of simple MDF-Plates and wooden frame (Outer-Dimensions: 1000x800mm)

  • Printed in PLA after infill-list

  • Pipes are made of 25mm Stainless steel with 2mm wallthickness

  • 500W DC ER11 Chinese Spindlemotor. RPM may be set by potentiometer or by an controller

  • Nema17 Steppers from Stepperonline

  • GRBL Shield, Arduino Uno, Stepper drivers DR8825 and 12V Supply will be included but, weren’t used by myself.

The Table, the suction hose, the used Control cabinet, PC and Monitor are not included in this offer.


Hello David,

How would this be shipped or are you wanting to sale in person? I live in England so I don’t believe shipping would be too crazy. Also, unless I missed it, how much are you wanting for it?


Hallo David ich hätte Interesse,

ich komme aus Sachsen. Kannst du das Gerät auch verpacken und verschicken.? Was würde alles zusammen kosten?

Viele Grüße Uwe Uwe

-----MPCNC is SOLD-----