MPCNC For Sale - Sioux Falls, SD

I’ve decided to move onto a different hobby cnc so figured I’d post this MPCNC for sale. Table is 3x3 with a cut area of 495x485 mm. Will sell with or without BlackBox controller and/or router. No bits for sale. I am in Sioux Falls, SD. PM for any questions.

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what is the price for this? do you take paypal?



Make me an offer. Where are you from as I would not ship it.

Hi Rob

I live in MN. I am interested. shoot me a price.



Are you looking for it as a complete set up or just some of it?

I.e. Router, Controller, etc.

I actually now have a reason to keep the Router and Controller.

I have either a Ramps or MKS board I can give you for it.

Feel free to shoot me an offer, I will not be offended.

Where abouts in MN ?