Here is my slightly modified 30 x 20 x 4" MPCNC build. It has a custom control box and table. Because my carpentry skills are extremely poor the table is made out of EMT conduit and printed parts. My two attempts at making wooden tables resulted in twisted masses of lumber. The control box houses a 12V power supply, a mini rambo & LCD screen, an E-stop button, and a 15A outlet for the router and vacuum. One side of the outlet is connected to a dimmer switch for the router, the other to a toggle switch for the vacuum.


 (2.51 MB)


Hands down best control center design ever!

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Agreed. That is great. Have you shared the files somewhere? I’d love to take a look at how it’s done. I really like the combination of wood and printed parts. And you’ve put a lot of neat stuff in there.

I haven’t shared them anywhere yet but I am sure I could get them to you. Just to warn you, a few of the plastic parts didn’t fit quite right and needed to be trimmed. What file formats would work best for you? Would .STL files for the printed parts and .SVG for the wooden parts work?

STL and SVG would be great.

Where in WI?

Wow, this control box is amazing, absolutely awesome job!

Within an hour of Wausau.


I put a .zip in my original post containing the parts and a few pictures that should help to make sense of them.


Thanks for sharing - do you have a BOM for the kill switch, toggle switch, etc ?

I don’t have a BOM right now, but I will put one together along with some instructions.

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Thanks for the files. This is pretty great. I think you’d probably get more traction sharing it on a site like thingiverse or even github. The forums are filled with like-minded people, but if the comments stop coming in, it will sink to the bottom here. You should also consider adding a license. You automatically have copyright on content you produce like this, and technically, it’s illegal for anyone to use it, without a license.

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The conduit table is nice! You have a link to those clamps?

I assume you mean the clamps the hold the conduit together. I can upload them if you would like they do have a few issues though and should really be redesigned.

What kind of issues?

Any luck on getting the details to share a BOM ??

Perfect control center design!

Can you say what is inside? RAMPS+arduino+?

Any chance of a seeing how everything is fit inside the control box?


THAT IS GORGEOUS!!! :open_mouth:

what program did you use to make the control box? if you used fusion, i’d love to get my hands on the source since i would need to modify it for european power plugs :smiley: if not i hope you dont mind if i borrow your design and make my own :slight_smile:


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