MPCNC in Brisbane, Australia.

So this is my build of the MPCNC:

It’s running a modified version of grbl on a MKS BASE 1.5 RAMPS board.

I’ve modified the firmware to clone the X axis movement plan to the Extruder 0 stepper driver, and Y axis gets cloned to the Extruder 1 driver. This means that each motor has its own dedicated stepper driver and I don’t need to bother wiring up the axies in serial.

I need to mess about with it a bit more as the machine isn’t properly squared, but it’s working pretty well so far.

I’m currently on the search for a spindle as the recommended dewalt isn’t available in 240v.

A big thank you to Ryan for designing this. I was pretty impressed with how all the parts went together. It must have taken a lot of hours to get it all right. The centre gantry design is quite clever.


I really need to look into GRBL and TinyG a bit more. I have not messed with them in years, glad you got it going smoothly!

If you need someone to dig around in the grbl code feel free to get in touch. I’ve had my head in it for the last week or so.