MPCNC inspired design.

Browsing the internet I came upon the MPCNC and got inspired. I designed a cnc about 8 years ago before 3d printing kicked off.

I choose to model for 26,9mm conduit because of I can pick this up at the store 100 meters away and ther are many pre-made couplings:

That I can use to build a table for the cnc.

I modeled for a Kress 1050 spindle and laser module of 33 x 33mm. I can easily model other adapters for drag knife, needle cutter, 3d printing and more.

I took inspiration from others for the dual belts and I integrating dust suction into the conduits of the Z axis with clear vinyl for the dustshoe to see the bit do its work.

I use a rectangle bar in the back of the gantry for the Y-axis belt and extra stiffening and if you look closely, you will see 2 bearings below it. These can be used to pull the gantry back if the weight of the tool makes the gantry tilt forwards.

Largest object is 17,1 x 12 x 7,2cm which should fit any printer.

Currently I do not have the opportunity to build this, but it is a nice brain puzzle designing it, instead of being a couch potato and watch brain cell killing tv.


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Weird. I responded to your first post, but it seems to have been lost somewhere.

Thanks for answering my questions though.

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yeah, i was replying to you and click “detach picture” to check what that would do and everything disappeared, so i made a new post.