MPCNC Modified Z Axis?

I don’t know the terminology for it, but I am talking about making the MPCNC have the Z axis that most ultimakers have, the ones that go from top, to bottom. Usually it is connected to the build platform itself, which then get linearly lowered down as the print progresses, to where the gantry only goes xy. I thought it would be cool to modify my mpcnc to include this feature, since the MPCNC’s biggest weakness for 3D printing is Z length. This way, the extruder is always closest to the gantry, if not actually apart of it. This would allow much faster print speeds and might even increase accuracy a smidge. For this to work, I’d have to make the legs of the machine a little taller, but then I would add cross beams to increase rigidity. Thoughts? Has anyone done this before?