MPCNC New Build Report

Hi !

I’m starting this topic to have an history of my first CNC build ! Sorry for my poor “frenchy” english… but you can be happy, you don’t have to hear my accent ! :slight_smile:

I’m new in the Diy CNC world and the work done by Ryan and others contributors is totally AWESOME ! Thank you to give us the opportunity to make crazy things !

So, what i have done so far :

  • Printed the most pieces in PLA , according to the infill recommended by Ryan. I just have to print some more pieces but my printer is out for the next two days, so i will go on the others steps !
  • Corner Blocks and Rollers are prepared
  • DEWALT DW660 ordered
  • The Vicious CNC Parts Bundle well receive (thank’s for the speed ! :slight_smile: )

It’s now the time to choose the size of this CNC ! And i have some question about this if you can help me !

My project is to use the MPCNC as multitool, but the main utilisation will be cutting wood no more than 20 mm height.
I would like to cut 80cm x 60cm with 2cm height wood or plastic boards. And sometime i would like to use it to cut small pieces of aluminium…
Finnaly, my wich is to use it also with laser and a drag knife.

A lot of things but this machine have crazy possibilities !! :slight_smile:

So my idea was to make a 107cm x 90 cm to have a cutting surface around 80 cm x 60 cm for wood and plastic. Do you think with this size i can also cut some small aluminium ?
Or i can change the size sliding the tubes to have a smaller cutting surface ?

About the addons you use, what do you think about the universal mount : ? It can be usefull to change quicly the tools !

Thank’s for the help !!

Welcome, Matthieu. You’re going to love your MPCNC!

I am a big fan of the universal mount you referenced. We had a discussion about it a few weeks ago here: I have created a number of mounts already, including one for the DW660. See them here: A couple of other folks here also have created mounts for it.

Looking forward to see what you do with your new machine!


Good to see you here, asking good questions!

I’ll chime in on the build size. I always recommend making it as short as possible, it doesn’t sound like you are interested in 3d printing with it so make it really short. that gives the biggest rigidity improvement for aluminum and better cutting speeds overall. After that make it just a bit bigger than the biggest piece you would use in the X and Y direction. It really isn’t that big of a deal to go bigger if you need to if you plan ahead a bit and leave extra belt and wire on each axis.

My vote is for small!


That’s looks good, Matthieu. I will post my pics soon too.
Maybe it’s time to start a French thread here. So we can talk about where to find stuff, etc…

Bonne journée!

Hi !

Thank you for your answers ! My 3D printer is running again !! Let’s print the rest of this parts !! Pictures are coming !

@Karl : Thank’s for your Welcome ! Yes i think i will enjoy so much this machine from hell ! :slight_smile: I already saw your 3D files and download it to print them asap ! Nice work ! No problem during the milling ? Did you ever try to cut some aluminium with those parts ? I will try and keep you in touch !

@Vicious : Thank you for your answer and for this very good job again ! Yes it’s not on my plans to use it as 3D printer but as CNC for wood&alu/Laser engraver/carton cutter !!
Ok i see what you mean about size, so i will do a 50 cm x 50 cm for aluminium cutting and keep enough tube, extra belt and wire to transform it to 107 cm x 90 cm for wood cutting !
Let’s do a “Modulable MPCNC Multi-tool” !

@FredAldeb : Salut ! I’m waiting your pictures to see your amazing machine too ! :slight_smile: Yes we must do a “French MPCNC Team” in this forum to help all the new french addict to find stuff and other ! I will open a new post in the International part of the forum, to have a spot to talk with frenchies too ! :slight_smile: Let’s see if there is other french addicts here !

See you soon guys ! And keep milling and share ! :slight_smile:

@Matthieu No I haven’t tried milling aluminum yet with the universal mount. You might be the first. My focus has been on wood milling and lasers so far, and I haven’t done any wood milling since I switched to the new mount, so I can’t even vouch for that. I’ll be interested to hear how it works for you.

There you go

@karl : Ok i will let you know after my first test cutting aluminium when the machine will be ready ! Now i wait in front of my 3D printer for the last pieces ! I’m interested also if you try to mill some wood with this new mount !

@vicious1 : Thank you ! New french MPCNC team GOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! I hope a lot of people will talk here !