MPCNC or LowRider for smallish system?

Hi, I’m planning to build one of these CNC routers but I’m not sure if I should build the MPCNC or the LowRider. I’m looking at a machine with a working area of about 800 x 1000 mm.

I can get 25.4mm stainless steel tubing with 1.5mm wall thickness, 180Gritt polished at a good price. Would that work allright?

Thanks for your advice!


Mpcnc for that size would be alright, especially with stainless tube.


I got the stainless steel tubing now, it’s nice and shiny and and exactly 25,4mm. I got 6 meters of it. So I’m almost tempted to go a bit bigger then the 800 x 1000 mm mentioned above but then I might sacrifice rigidity?
Going to start with the printing now. Any special suggestions/tips for that? I got an Ender 3 pro for the printing.