Mpcnc parts bundle for 3/4 Id Emt

Selling my mpcnc parts. Don’t have time have a new born to tend to and don’t have the room. Just add emt and motors. comes as seen in the pictures. Printed to specs. $100 for it and $15 for shipping I’ll cover the rest of shipping if it’s more

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for what size tube?

23.5mm I think, assuming pipe means EMT.


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Are these still available for sale?


Is this the new Burly Design or the older 525 design? also in the photo it appears that you have nuts, bolts, and bearings. Does the set you are selling include any of the Electronics/Motion Parts listed here: I’m interested in buying the parts I just wanted to know what all is included. We can also communicate with each other via email if that is less public.


Hi it is available