MPCNC Printed Parts - C 23.5mm from Feb 2017

I’m rebuilding my mpcnc after disassembling it for a move and decided to reprint the entire thing and upgrade to 1" stainless tubing. So I have a full* set of printed parts from whatever was latest as of February 2017. One of the top corner locks has a screw hole snapped that was glued back on questionably, might want to reprint it. I was using the universal quick mount and broke the bottom off trying to disassemble it while dealing with a stripped screw, and don’t have the original tool mount.

It also includes 4 extra feet, and 4 mid span supports, the ramps cover & fan and the LCD case & mount. Mostly printed in black, with a couple orange parts (Only the extra feet and span supports I believe).

All yours for the cost of shipping. I will reprint the broken top corner lock if you don’t trust the glue for an extra $5, and either the standard tool mount or the quick mount for $5 if you want. Shipping (Or free pickup!) from central NJ.

Hey wondering if you have sold these extra I can print them but honestly, who wants to sit and wait for 40 parts and 120 hours. If not sold, I will buy immediately. Shoot me a message PM if you have them, and no worries on the broken stripped blah blah pieces I will reprint when I’m ready.


Sorry, I actually just gave them away last night in person.

NP Thanks for the response