A couple of years ago I built the Mostly Printed CNC and loved every minute of using the machine. Recently I wanted to make some changes to the design and in the picture below is what I came up with. As you may see the the X and Y axis took on the biggest change. The machines work envelope is roughly 16" X 18" X 1.5". I will upload closer pictures of the new components shortly to give you a closer look.



Whoa, you made some changes!



I am a total newbie, just starting my CnC journey. Can you talk about your observations?

less conduit

one y motor?

is it more stable?


It’s like if the Low Rider and MPCNC had a baby.

Feels like peaking into an alternate universe for me. I recognize a lot of those shapes but they are all slightly different! Cool.

As you can see in the pictures here I am still using two motors for the X & Y axis. I stayed with the two motors per axis to give myself more holding/ driven power for cutting tougher materials. With this design I find myself having to worry less about the axis being squared up before each use like in the Mostly Printed CNC original design. [attachment file=121628]


Bret, I really like your machine. Having built/rebuilt numerous MPCNC’s in the past, I’ve got quite the collection of old plastic and conduit in a couple of totes and I rather enjoy mocking up, and mulling over, bits and pieces of a “new” machine with stock, and sometimes altered, MPCNC parts from the junkbox. My now defunct MPCNC-inspired CoreXY ( and CamSlider ( machines came about that way. And I set up and shared my experiences with an EleksmakerA3 and Grbl-based laser machine for my daughter in a recent thread ( here on the forum. I see a lot of similarity in your plastic-and-conduit machine and that lightweight acrylic-and-extrusion Eleksmaker machine… but yours is far beefier-looking and has a fully implemented Z-axis. And the obvious MPCNC-inspired look and near-identical electrics of it all makes it an instant winner in my eyes.

Have you shared/documented this machine build anywhere? I’m always looking for fun, new ways to play with this stuff and keep my mind – and Prusa printer – active. I’ve got all the parts (other than plastic) I would need to give it a go… and I, for one, would love to see and hear more about your machine.

Good work!

– David

Does anyone know where i can find these files? I would really like to try this variation.