MPCNC Solid Files

I know that the CAD files aren’t being released for this design, but does anyone have a way to convert the STL files into something I can use in Fusion 360, .step, etc? I need the solid files to use for designing new parts for the MPCNC. I have tried several different methods and none yield usable results.

If you use inventor you can get Autodesk Mesh Enabler as an add in. Then you just right click the .stl in the parts tree and convert to solid. It is kind of messy, but it is workable to add or remove features using extrusions. You won’t get all of the sub stuff on the parts tree like sketches, and features so it basically works like an advanced version of tinkercad.

It is best just to remake the whole part. If you can’t figure out the dimension of something ask, but don’t ask for all the dimensions please. Stl’s are easy to add to but difficult to subtract from. If you are adding to a part please keep in mind support doesn’t work well for most people and the print orientation I designed is extremely important.

In the beginning a lot of people were sticking the parts together to print as a single part to “increase strength” all they made were weaker parts that required a ton of support.