Mpcnc x axis

I am having a terrible time with my x axis it just randomly keeps not moving y and z Co tinge to work fine but x keeps stopping. I have changed the arduino, and the ramps and still have the same issue.

Make sure the grub screws on the pulleys are tight. Then check your wiring and make sure no connectors are loose.

If neither of these fix it, then swap the x axis for the Y and see if the issue moves to the Y or stays with the x.

We can troubleshoot further after these tests.

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I have done these rest with the exception of changing the plug to the y axis. I actually almost did that last night but talked myself out of it since it did it on 2 different boards.

So, when you swapped x and y axis, the x axis still didn’t move properly?

If so, then maybe there’s something wrong with your stepper motors.

Did you wire the steppers in series or parallel?
Are your steppers and the X axis hard wired together or did you make a harness using connectors?

Since it did it on two different controllers, then I think it’s safe to assume it’s either the wiring to the stepper motors or one of the stepper motors themselves.

How long does it turn off? If it is overheating, then they will turn off until the driver cools down (30s or something). If it is skipping steps, then it will make a crunchy noise and then keep going, but it will never be in the right spot again.

Some pictures of the control board and how it is wired might help, as well as some pictures of the machine. We can answer a lot of our own questions that way.

Have you adjusted the reference voltage on the drivers?