MPCNC Z axis problem

Hello everybody
I am at my second construction, but unlike the first one in this one I have encountered problems regarding the z axis.
I use Rampe driver drv8825, as always I changed the parameters on marlin (M92)
to have the correct displacements the values ​​of X-Y are 160 and the value of Z 3200.
the problem arises precisely with Z set to 3200, during rapid movements it loses steps and offsets all movements.
trying and trying again I managed to set the Z value to 1600, the problem does not arise in this way but in the compilation phase of the g-cod the measures of Z I have to double them.
Could anyone help me? I think it is a problem of setting the acceleration values ​​of the Z axis but after countless attempts I could not figure out how to solve it.
Thanks for your help

It sounds like you have a 1 start leadscrew. The recommended hardware is a 4 start leadscrew. Your Z motor is moving so fast that it is losing torque.

Reduce the top speed of Z to 3-4mm/s and it should be reliable, if slow.

M203 Z3

thanks a lot for the help … after your advice everything works fine